"We Care" Package Program

we care

Personnel from 1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (1 RCHA), Shilo Manitoba, go through care packages sent by Brandon Salutes from home in Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area, during Operation REASSURANCE December 12, 2016. The care packages are part of the "We Care" package program conducted by Brandon Salutes.

Brandon is a caring community. We do our best to take care of our own, help those in need and recognize those who bring honour to our city. At any given time soldiers based at CFB Shilo are deployed on tasks and operations with the Canadian Armed Forces both here in Canada and across the globe. They call Brandon home or use the many services available here. Their families are certainly here, waiting, while they answer the call from their country. While deployments of large numbers of soldiers get media and public attention there are always one or two soldiers who are serving Canada on overseas missions that don’t get the same attention. Often they are the only Canadian in a group of mentors, instructors, peacekeepers, and other military personnel. They want to brag about their home and they need to know their hometown “has their back”. Let’s show them we care through the “We Care” Care Package program.

Brandon Salutes is asking for donations to create care packages from home to send to these soldiers. The packages must be small to meet mailing restrictions and we estimate that each package should cost no more than $100 each. We want to personalize each package and to include some tokens unique to Brandon and Manitoba that can be shared with other soldiers or be given to residents of the country where the soldier is working. A small cash donation is preferred. Items will be purchased locally and adhere to shipping guidelines.