Military Relations Committee

The Brandon Military Relations Committee was formed as a vehicle to discuss community issues and opportunities that develop between the residents of CFB Shilo, the RM of Cornwallis, the City of Brandon and the members of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce.

Its’ goal is to foster and maintain a close relationship between all participating agencies for their mutual benefit. The Committee addresses issues that are of importance to all parties, and that can be solved through mutual goals and co-operation.

The steering members of the Brandon Military Relations Committee are:

  • The Chairperson of the Committee – Matt Bolley
  • The Mayor of the City of Brandon – Rick Chrest
  • The Reeve of the RM of Cornwallis – Heather Dalgleish
  • The President of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce – Tami-Rae Rourke
  • The Base Commander of CFB Shilo – Lieutenant-Colonel Dave MacIntyre
  • The committee as a whole also includes two additional representatives from each formative group listed above.

The Brandon Military Relations Committee identified a need for a group that could undertake community initiatives in a timely fashion. Brandon Salutes was formed to address this need.