CFB Shilo

Expends $120 million in salaries and local purchases annually

1400 military personnel

400 civilian employees

CFB Shilo is located 30 kilometers east of Brandon. The Shilo Range and Training Area encompasses approximately 40,000 ha/ 100,000 acres.

Military presence in Southwestern Manitoba dates back to 1910 with the establishment of Sewell Camp located approximately 10 km north of present day Shilo. At the time, Sewell Camp – later renamed Camp Hughes – was the second largest community in the province with only Winnipeg having more people.

Permanent construction in the area we know today as CFB Shilo started in 1932 under a depression-era government relief program. The Army started conducting its first training in 1934 with mounted artillery and machine gun units, followed by infantry units a year later. Although initially used as a summer camp only, starting in 1942 Camp Shilo was in continuous use and became a permanent year-round establishment.

CFB Shilo also provides training facilities for a number of other organizations including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Manitoba Corrections. In addition to the many Canadian soldiers who train at CFB Shilo, troops from several foreign countries, including Germany, France, Denmark and the United States, have trained at the base.

At Present CFB Shilo supports domestic operations as required and provides training facilities for personnel often required for overseas duties. With a population of about 1200 people, the base has nearly 650 residential housing units, operates its own sewer and water system and provides fire services to base residents and neighbouring communities. It is estimated approximately 400 military personnel and civilian workers at Shilo live in Brandon and commute.

Units that call CFB Shilo Home:

  • 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (1RCHA)
  • 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (2PPCLI)
  • A component of the 3rd Canadian Division Training Centre
  • A component of the 3rd Canadian Division Support Group Signals Squadron
  • 11 CF Health services Centre
  • Home Station Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA)
  • 26th Field Regiment RCA (Brandon's Reserve Unit based at the Brandon Armoury)
  • The National Artillery Museum of Canada (RCA Museum) is also located at CFB Shilo.

Recent Federal Investments in CFB Shilo

Over $22 million has been injected into the local construction economy by CFB Shilo since 2019. The projects ranged in size and scope from new buildings to house new armoured vehicles to roof repairs and replacing boiler systems in existing buildings. Construction of new residential housing has also occurred adding several new units and apartments to the base’s housing stock.